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Traditional Gold Value


At present, GGR is providing the following range of services:

  • Refining services: Gulf Gold Refinery provides high quality gold and silver refining services. We produce gold bars of standard sizes and purities. Our refined gold, with purity up to 9999, is extensively tested and verified throughout the refining process.
  • Assaying services: Building on our thorough refining process, we have the knowledge, the skills, the experience, as well as the tools that give us the ability to confirm the gold and silver content in an alloy or metal scrap in a standardized assay process.
  • Precious metal brokerage: Adding to our portfolio of services that are currently available to our clients, we acknowledge that physical gold and silver trading is available to clients and this is one of our very well established services in the market.
  • Financing services: To provide clients with the financing that they require to execute their business activities smoothly and successfully.

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