Tel: +971 6 552 9909
Focused on Eternal
Traditional Gold Value

About Us

Gulf Gold Refinery FZE (GGR) has been established since April 2012 and became fully operational in October, 2012 at SAIF Zone Sharjah, UAE.

With our vision being focused on external Traditional Gold Value we are providing the most advanced and exclusive refining services to our high profile clients.

We also provide many other services to fulfill our clients demand as precious metal clients are very different from other industries clients; precious metal clients require credibility, accountability, promptness, proactive suppliers that know how to keep up with the market’s demand and last, but not least, precious metal clients are always seeking the most up-scale quality of refined metal in its sellable and tradable shape; hence, we are here to provide our clients with all their needs assuring them that we have the expertise to exceed out their expectations and this is one of our on-going objectives.

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