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Traditional Gold Value


The definition of a precious metal is that it’s a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value; in other terms, precious metal is very delicate, rare hence expensive substance. In order to deal with such element, GGR operates with highly technologically advanced equipment and refining processes;

  • We are applying most advanced ICP and fire assay methodology for assaying.
  • We are using the latest laser technology in the production of gold & silver bars.
  • We are using Aqua Regia process for refining the gold; and solvent extraction process for refining silver.
  • We have daily capacity of 700kgs with no melting losses.
  • We accept any purity from local labs.
  • We have the most competitive refining rates in the market.
  • We produce 995.0 as well as 999.9 bars.